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Venton Exhaust Hoods are custom engineered keeping in mind the special needs of individual commercial kitchens. Venton hoods have high efficiency due to correct hood over hang and hood height, use of side panels, rear seals and calibrated make up air. Venton hoods have elegant design and great finish with options of decorative claddings to complement the high quality show kitchens or trendy back kitchens.

The hood designs are based on decades of research and are backed by unmatched support from design teams to ensure that each hood performs to perfection by extracting the kitchen smoke, vapour, steam, heat or grease most efficiently by consuming minimum energy. The hood sizes, shapes, duct openings and recommended exhaust air quantities are designed to ensure peak performance of each hood. Venton Exhaust Hoods have an extremely hygienic design which ensures that hoods can be kept absolutely clean at all times with minimum of effort.

  • VE series for exhaust hoods without supply air plenum
  • VES series for exhaust hoods with supply air plenum
  • VEV series for vapour hoods.
  • VEBS services for back shelf type exhaust hoods
  • Venton Exhaust Hoods are suitable for all types of duties be it tandoors, wok ranges, fryers, conveyor ovens, steam kettles or ovens / steamers.
  • Heavy duty construction in food grade SS in 1.2 mm thickness; in 300 series or 400 series SS with no. 4 finish
  • Smooth clean hygienic design
  • Recessed yellow light/white light or surface mounted PL light fixtures available as required
  • Detailed engineering back up available to estimate exhaust air quantities, supply air quantities, canopy pressure drop, exhaust duct sizing etc.
  • Decorative hood designs and finishes available
  • Available as wall type single hood, wall type profile hood, back to back single island hood, V bank island hood or inverted V type island hood
    Heat barricading system
  • Low static pressure
  • Low noise output
  • Low profile designs suitable for low ceiling applications

Features :-

Standard Accessories

  • Exhaust spigot and supply air spigot connections
  • High efficiency SS baffle filters.
  • Hanging brackets
  • Grease collection channel and grease pan
  • Drain channels on sides
  • Pressure measurement taps
  • Optional Accessories
  • Pre-piping for fire suppression systems
  • Sliding dampers
  • UL classified grease filters
  • UV cassettes
  • Pollution control units
  • Side panels.
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