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Faema Barcode – Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Faema Barcode fully automatic coffee machine is designed for those locations with a production rate of 100 to 150 cups per day and able to deliver a complete beverage menu, Barcode is the compact super-automatic machine that is easy to use and versatile.

Faema X1 Granditalia – Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

The Faema X1 Granditalia is designed for environments where good quality is required but espresso is not the core focus of the business. For example, office spaces, restaurants, bars and hotels. Able to serve 150 to 250 cups per day, this super-automatic coffee machine has a high performance level without taking up loads of counter space.

Faema X20 – Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Built on years of expertise and knowledge, the Faema X20 enters the Faema range of super-automatic range of coffee machines. This bean to cup machine is perfect for environments needed to supply around 150 to 250 cups of authentic espresso based coffees per day. By supporting a powder hopper, this coffee machine is also able to offer hot chocolate and coffee/chocolate combinations.

Faema X30 – Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

The Faema X30 is the new super-automatic bean to cup coffee machine in the Faema range that offer unparalleled experience and innovative interaction. By being able to customise the machine possibilities through the large 10.4” touch screen display, the Faema X30 is able to offer an unprecedented range of drink options. 

Faema X54 Granditalia – Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Delivering high performances, flexibility, and user friendly operation, the Faema X54 Granditalia combines all this with the quality and elegance that Faema is known for. This all round quality bean to cup coffee machine is ideal for a range of environments. Recommended cups per day : 350 to 500 Cups per day.

Milk Refrigerated Unit

Fully Automatic Coffee Machine recommended Milk Refrigerated Unit

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